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Shanu Mehta, an Indore based entrepreneur participated in Women Entrepreneurship Summit and Awards 2020 held in New Delhi. She was invited to be part of a panel discussion on Growing the Indian Tech Woman-preneurs along with leading women entrepreneurs of the country.

Shanu talked about various challenges which women entrepreneurs face and how those can be overcome. Making a point that it’s a myth that entrepreneurs only take risks, she said that while corporate employees risk freedom to earn money, entrepreneurs risk money to earn freedom. She also spoke about the importance of financial literacy among women belonging to the lower-income groups. She said that women at work and in society face completely different set of questions as compared to their male counterparts, they need to be asked the right questions which do not cast aspersions on her priorities.

Shanu is a co-founder of MMC Convert, a global finch company and conducts financial literacy workshops for women of lower-income groups.