Chennai is a city known for its polished architecture, clean spaces and lush green landscapes that frame the city view. Renowned worldwide for both its cultural and historical legacy and a comfortable lifestyle, it holds special significance for couples looking to tie the knot in this gorgeous place. Be it locals or those opting for a destination wedding, Chennai is among the top favorites for many.

Abounding in sprawling open grounds, manicured lawns and cosy cottages and gardens designed to provide the most spellbinding of vistas, the city is quite logically a haven to host an outdoor wedding and regale with the soft breeze playing with your hair. With the best wedding decorators in Chennai at your service, turn your dream wedding into a reality surrounded by the goodness of nature, under the glorious blue sky.

There are certain things to be kept in mind, however, when planning such a wedding. As the city is perennially blessed with a pleasant weather, outdoor venues are a comfortable choice for pre-wedding functions as well as the chief ceremony. While choosing the venue you need to consider its accessibility most importantly. Spacious open venues are often located away from the heart of the city, though smaller ones for a comfortable and intimate ceremony can be found anywhere. Consider the numerous trips you might have to make to the place, the number of guests, amenities provided etc.

The choice of venue is important to decide upon the type of outdoor wedding decoration in Chennai. A clear ground location would require more effort in the décor while luxurious garden venues dotted with statues, fountains and canopies need only little to accentuate the setting. For instance, the former would need an extended mandap stage with an elaborate backdrop, along with proper pew and aisle adornments so that the area doesn’t appear bland and empty whereas the mandap decoration for a Chennai wedding in the latter can be completed with a rustic drape or floral display and little ornamentation elsewhere. For bigger venues, themed decorations are a better option as they are more effective in filling up space and bringing a sense of unity to the place. Choose from styles like Ikebana or Moroccan themes or ones based on seasonal color palettes or Pantone color of the year for more contemporary-looking décor.

If the venue is lacking in flowers of its own, adorn it with floral rangoli patterns, pomanders and runners hanging from trees and cascading garland backdrops to make up for it. Utilize bright and showy flowers to make up the mandap and canopies for seating of the guests. Line uparbors with parasols, tassels and some mirror-work adornments to spruce up the décor in a funky, festive manner for a perfect blend of traditional and upbeat.

Take this opportunity to have a vibrant, colourful photo booth installed to tie the entire theme together and have it exhibited and treasured in your pictures. A classic yellow-orange setup decorated with lush marigolds and ornate frames or one equipped with a florally laden bicycle or retro-themed scooter will instantly light up the occasion and have your guests flocking towards the booth to capture their memories of your special day.

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