Cambridge, UK and Pittsford, NY – 24 February 2020: With M4, CAD Schroer introduces its fully redesigned CAD product line. Designers and Plant Engineers can now look forward to the most advanced design experience ever. The new product line-up brings together all the functionality required for mechanical and process plant design.

New version under a new brand
With the release of version 7.0, CAD Schroer combines its MEDUSA4 and MPDS4 software products into a single CAD suite. “As a result of the restructuring, all of our CAD products now operate under the common M4 brand name, and will be able to better meet the needs and wishes of our customers,” said Michael Schroer, CAD Schroer’s Managing Director.

M4 PLANT – designed for factory and plant engineering professionals
Professional users love the power, reliability and productivity of MPDS4, which now goes by the new name of M4 PLANT. It is designed to take full advantage of an integrated software solution, delivering robust features with the highest possible performance, and working seamlessly with other sites. M4 PLANT version 7.0 is packed with new features and component catalogues that provide an unprecedented design experience. Existing tools and interfaces have also been further optimised to meet the demands of new market requirements.

Holistic 3D design experience
The 3D software for plant design offers a comprehensive range of modules for a comfortable, convincing and integrated design experience for entire process plants. Intelligent P&IDs can be created which then serve as the basis for subsequent 3D pipework design. Modules are also provided for pipework and steelwork design, and for laying out electrical cable trays and HVAC ducting. M4 PLANT even has a module to automatically generate fully dimensioned piping isometrics from the 3D pipework model, ready for fabrication.

More advanced 3D pipework design
With version 7.0, the tools and catalogues provided for plant design have been expanded and optimised. In order to allow rapid design and to evaluate the results even better, M4 has added significant new P&ID functionality. Additional manufacturer-specific catalogues are also now available for 3D pipework design, together with additional options for configuring and detailing bills of materials. The production of piping isometrics also benefits from many innovations, so that the most extensive isometrics can now be optimally generated, and bending tables can now be exported directly in machine-readable format.

Next generation CAD
Also in version 7.0 the functionality and performance of the CAD software has been further optimized. “Our customers recognise the difference in performance and know what M4 DRAFTING can do even at a very high level of detail. The software’s extensive CAD and PLM interfaces also ensure that our customers reach their design goals safely, quickly and with high quality,” says Mark Simpson. With M4, CAD Schroer combines the MEDUSA4 and MPDS4 software products into a single CAD suite. The new brand refreshes the mechanical and plant engineering with a holistic 3D planning experience.

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