London, UK, 24,February 2020 – – If you have a commercial project and need adequate flooring for the rooms, you will need resourceful tiling contractors who could take up the entire responsibility and finish the job In a time bound manner. This is what Neo Tiling, UK does and this is what they are established for. The company has high resources to produce stunning tile floors that may consist of natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vinyl tiles, glass tiles, cork tiles and laminate tiles. They have great lineup of customers who are highly satisfied with their work and recommend their work to other clients that have the same need.

Time bound tiling project delivery

Neo Tiling, UK one of the best London tiling companies is known for its ability to come up with tiling projects that suits the customer budget. In their ranks they have experienced tile installation crew that would work swiftly and efficiently and finish projects in a time table specific manner. They install different types of floors that are absolutely accurate and precise and need no revisit by the crew as they are perfect installations needing no more doctrine from the crew. The company also provides clients with an efficient after service which is within the initial contract and will not charge extra from the owners if the fault or damage is due to their workmanship or material.

Area of expertise

NeoTiling is up to date with the world in terms of new tiles and new flooring inventions so they are never behind technology or fashion. They are also highly resourced for supplies as they have partners who will supply every material that are required for forming various tile floors. Their expertise extend to living rooms, bedrooms, lobby, hall, attic, kitchen, bathroom, basement, swimming pool, sun deck, sub-floors, portico, walkways and tile installations in landscaping. The tiling contractors also hold the expertise for creating unique tile surfaces that are exclusive for each project. Their tiling work has enhanced the real estate value of several residences in and around London and the same can be imparted to you. Visit the website to know more about their tiling work and the projects they have accomplished. For your personal requirement you can get in touch with the company representative by dialing the number 07891 495 720 or 08009 994 540 or sending mail to

Neo Tiling, UK is a Trusted London tiling company which undertakes the task of building home surfaces using a variety of tiles including ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and engineered tiles.

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