Yes! You can identify a cheetah and a leopard in just a glance by looking for physical characteristics or by judging its behavior. Look into some differences between Cheetah and Leopard:

• Cheetah’s coat has a simple spot pattern without any clustered spots and the spots are small, thin and completely black while Leopard’s coat has a complex pattern of spots and the spots look like roses and hence they are called rosettes.
• Cheetah’s spots completely separate from each other while Leopard’s spot overlap and touch each other.
• Cheetah has a round head with black stripes from the inner corner of their eyes that starts from eyes down until mouth, like a tear mark while Leopard’s have thin, elongated head and do not have black stripes or the tear mark.
• Cheetah has flat, wide tails that look like a rudder of ship Leopard’s long, thin and tubular tail.
• Cheetah has a narrow and lanky body that leans on muscle while Leopard’s have a bulky and muscular body with a lot of muscle in their neck.
• Cheetah runs faster than other animals as it is the fastest animal in the world if you see a big cat running faster than a car, its cheetah while Leopard’s normally pounce and sneak rather than running fast if you find a Big cat hunting at night its Leopard.
• Cheetah’s purr instead of a roar, the purr is similar to a purr of a house cat but a bit deeper while Leopard’s roar and has a noticeable roar if you listen to a roar instead of purr, its Leopard.

So, these are the few difference of Cheetah v/s Leopard to identify them in just one look. I hope that helps! For More Information Tanzania safari Book Lifetime Safaris Today.