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Office interior designer and furniture solutions provider Whiteleys prides itself on providing companies high-quality office space planning in London.

[Bromley,21/02/2020] Kent-based office furniture provider Whiteleys offers companies in London a chance to make their workspace conducive for optimum productivity through effective and aesthetically pleasing office space planning solutions.

With an average person spending almost a third of their day at work, it is important that businesses create an immersive, stress-free and healthy work environment for their employees. Whiteleys helps companies achieve this and make the most of their workplace with professional office space planning services.

An Eye for Form and Function

Whiteleys’ team of expert space planners will conduct a visit to a client’s office to carefully assess the situation. In a full space management assessment, they will discuss with the client how the space can be utilised optimally. They will provide the client a full-site survey that lists down what can be done or improved in the location. The team will then work with the client to develop a fully functional and visually appealing office space design, taking into consideration the client’s nature of business, their goals, budget and space.

The Kent-based interior design team uses advanced CAD technology to create a digital mockup of the proposed design. Using 2D and 3D concepts, Whiteleys’ team of interior designers and office space experts help their clients further visualise their soon-to-be efficient, functional and attractive workplace. From the furniture to be used to the utilisation of space, they can also modify the design quickly to meet client requirements without a fuss.

Whiteleys will help their clients achieve the best office design that fits their clients’ needs.

About Whiteleys

Whiteleys is a Kent-based interior design and office furniture solutions provider operating for more than 30 years. The company offers modern, aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic products, from desks, chairs and tables to cabinets, screens and privacy pods. The company also provides furniture installation and office space design solutions.

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