The PPC or Pay per click is a model of digital marketing or internet advertising where advertisers pay only if the visitor clicks on your ad. That is, it is a system that pays for the real impact of our message.

Before, advertising was sent on other systems that did not allow us to measure the impact in detail. Think of a brochure received on the street, a sign posted on an avenue or road or a typical TV ad. In all of them, we can estimate the public that has seen or read it but we do not have a personalized record of each of the impacts. And it would be more beneficial if we hire Best PPC company in Orange County CA.

In Pay Per Click Advertising systems, we have that information in detail because of each click we know at what time it was made, from what geographical location, by what means (computer or mobile) with operating system data and even models of the mobile user.

Also, we can know the age range of the visitor and if we have well-tracked our website with Google Analytics we know what activity you have done when you have entered our website.

The essential advantage of the PPC system is that we are sure that the customer who enters our website is interested in the product or service we offer if the campaign has been designed well by Orange County PPC Management Company.

We know that when someone searches, nowadays, in an internet search engine or social networks, they want to satisfy a need for knowledge or related to their interests. And our web page of reception of the message has to be oriented to answer that need.

Advantages of the Pay Per Click Advertising:

– Budget controlled: because we only pay for visits received. We have all the data and direct relationship between clicks and visits. This allows us to control the budget by determining a maximum cost per day minimum of one euro with which we can adapt to any type of company or business.

– Segmentation: because we have a lot of information about who has clicked and at the same time we can determine when, where and to whom to show our ad.

– Campaign optimization: because we can create multiple ad possibilities and quickly assess which one works best to eliminate the worst options. Campaign optimization is periodic and allows to quickly detect any type of deviation from the original objectives.

– Flexibility and scope: because today PPC campaigns are adapted to all search engines, social networks or selected websites.

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