If you are considering buying a pool or Ameristar gas furnace system, you should investigate all available options. Different heating systems are appropriate for different pools and spas, and it is best to select the heating system that will benefit you the most. In this article, we explain how an electric resistance heater works.

An electric resistance spa heater generates heat by applying an electric current to a heating element, which is a metallic resistor. The resistance extends along with a housing cell inside the unit.

The resistor heats up when a current is applied. Water from the spa enters the accommodation cell, passes over the heater, heats up and leaves the warm accommodation cell.

Advantages of an Electric Resistance Heater:

An electric resistance heater offers many of the advantages of a gas heater. It operates independently of the air temperature, so you can easily heat your spa during the winter months. And, Goodman home furnace electric resistance heater is the most compact heater. Since many occupy less than 12 cubic feet, they are ideal for areas with restricted space such as spas.

Other advantages of electric resistance heaters include the low purchase and installation costs, silent operation and little impact on the environment.

Disadvantages of an Electric Resistance Heater:

The efficiency of a pool or spa heater is measured by its Performance Coefficient (COP). The COP of an electric resistance heater is 1.00, which makes it 6 times less efficient than a heat pump.

Due to its low efficiency, an electric resistance heater requires high amounts of electricity to heat a body of water. In fact, electric resistance heaters require so much energy that they are not generally used to heat pools. They are mainly used to heat spas and small pools for therapy.

Other disadvantages of electric resistance heaters include: requiring high-performance electrical wiring installation and high operating costs.

What are the beneficial effects of a heated pool on health?

Doctors and therapists consider swimming as one of the most beneficial cardiovascular exercises. It is an activity that almost everyone can practice with certainty, each according to their possibilities, while running or jogging may prove impossible for most of the elderly, or reached by muscle diseases.

By heating your pool, you will get more out of the benefits of water. Heating the pool water is absolutely necessary for those who use it in principle as a therapeutic means or for those who consider the bathroom a means of relaxation.

So now you know how an electric resistance heater works. We hope this article helps you in your search for a heating system for your pool or spa.

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