EKOD Music has launched a new Christian Gospel song and is soon going to launch a new album, one that has been dedicated to the Holy Spirit.

With a slew of excellent Gospel music in the market in recent years, it has become challenging for the many Christian singers and bands to grab or stay in the public eye. Though it’s difficult to gauge what genre eventually becomes popular, given the constant fluctuation of gospel music listeners between modern music and traditional hymns, EKOD Production has put forward what is the most mysterious subject in the Christian world – The Holy Spirit.

“The Holy Spirit is the most neglected person of the Trinity, theologically speaking. There aren’t many sermons or much good music that’d reignite the love of God or show what the third person of the Trinity has done in us, for every Christian, since the first Pentecost. The idea for this song came to me in a dream and I was immediately inspired to turn it into a song. I believe it’s a beautiful song filled with the power of the Holy Spirit glorifying the Father God through our Risen Saviour – Jesus Christ. I believe this song will make the listener bow down at the foot of the cross again and whatever they ask in the name of Jesus, it shall be given to them”, said the musician.

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