Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 18 February 2020- – Are you a government installation that need protection against terrorist attacks? Is your property containing highly value items in its storage? Is your bank not safe from crashing getaway cars? What you need to protect your property and its valuable is the Hi Tech Steel and Fence Industries’ crash rated gates that would foil any attempt that mentioned above. The steel fabricator of highest qualify manufacture and install K rated or Crash Rated Gates that would not budge against the impact of a racing vehicle @ 50 mph.
Gates with K certification

Hi-Tech is partners Nartel KSA to procure and fabricate its fences and gates and their specialty also lies in making impregnable steel fencing and gates that could withstand heavy impact by speeding vehicle and you can obtain K4, K8 & K12 rated gates and fencing for your use according to needs. The gates could be an ideal protective barrier against untoward incidents and you can customize the strength and ability of the gate according to specifications. The company also fabricates temporary fencing for sale as well as for hire. The temporary fence hire is ideal for your temporary projects such as construction, celebratory events, public meetings, concerts, school and college events. These are easily assembled barriers that can be erected anywhere without the need of digging holes in the ground.

Temporary fencing to save money

The Heras fence or temporary fence is ideal for construction sites as it will not allowing people inside and do away with your construction materials or equipment. Some contractors or establishments may not be in a position to invest in permanent fencing and for them, the Heras fencing is most suited as it will incur them fewer expenses while solving the purpose magnificently. Hi-Tech Fencing is involved in producing and supplying barriers, gates, and fences to chemicals, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and other applications and has hundreds of satisfied clients asking for repeat delivery. To know more about the range of steel fabrication work of the company you should visit http://nartel-ksa.com/. You can also use the numbers Mob: +966 555015793 or Tel: +966 11 2080072 to get in touch with a representative and talk about your requirements extensively. To get detailed information from the company write to email ID sales@hitechfence.com.
Hi-Tech Steel and Fence Industries, Saudi Arabia is a world-class steel fabricator that produces a number of steel fabrication products including crash rated gates and Heras fences.

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