If you are planning to buy the best recliners 2019, the following are certain things that you need to take into consideration.


The dimensions are one of the important points to consider when buying a contemporary living room furniture online. It is really a fundamental aspect when acquiring any furniture. Look at the measurements before buying and get the idea of the space it occupies in the living room, room, or the place where you are going to place it.

You should also take into account space it occupies once reclined and with the footrest extended. You can also choose between relax chairs with one or two seats, which will expand the dimensions of the furniture.


What usually determines the durability of the recliner is the fabric that covers it, because it has a high-strength metal skeleton inside. The most durable are upholstered in genuine leather, while others such as upholstered in fabric, fibers or synthetic leather will have a cheaper price.

Remember that if you bet on a leather relax armchair it is best that you inform yourself about how to take care of it and protect it so that it lasts in good condition for as long as possible.


Depending on the model you can choose between different levels of inclination. There are two-position recliners, with an inclination of both the backrest and the footrest for leg elevation.

Others reach the three inclination positions getting to lie flat and there are even relax chairs that allow you to lie down completely and place the footrest to have the legs higher than the body.


The design varies by model, although all the recliners in our catalog achieve the best combination between a modern and elegant aesthetic. To choose between different upholsteries such as natural leather, imitation leather or synthetic leather, fabric, and etc, there is an offer waiting for you at reclinerhome.com. We have the best recliners under $500.

Mechanism and operation of the articulated relax chair:

Technology plays in favor of recliners with manual or electric tilt systems. If you bet on the manual, in our catalog you will find easily tiltable models using a side lever.

If instead, you prefer an electric one, you can also have massage functions for complete muscle relaxation. Not only that, but some models also have heat zones at specific points for the care of muscles and sensitive areas of the body.

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