February 19, 2020: PCB Online Ltd. has proudly announced that it has introduced Aluminum PCB to deal with the increasing demands of the industry. These Aluminum PCB boards can be ordered online through the company’s quick and easy online ordering system, and the Shenzhen based Chinese manufacturer proudly ships these boards internationally. Aluminum PCB is a remarkable printed circuit board, in which the metal of aluminum along with copper alloys act as an energy store, and such boards have endless industrial applications in modern electronics.

“Because aluminum is about a third of the weight of copper and steel, it is one of the favorite material in all kinds of durable metallic constructions.” Said Owen Chang, the Chief Operating Officer at PCB Online, while talking about the properties of aluminum. “Aluminum is also corrosion resistance and most importantly, it is a good conductor of electricity and heat.” He added.

In addition, Aluminum PCB are different from the conventional board in structures, weight, and size. A printed circuit board made out of aluminum offers more spaces and finer lines. Furthermore, these PCB are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, durable and strong. Their applications are endless and from audio and sound products such as equalizers and amplifiers to the spare parts for the automotive industry, manufacturers love and prefer installing Aluminum based printed circuit boards in their products.

For more information, please visit the website at: www.pcbonline.com
or https://www.pcbonline.com/PCB-FAB/Aluminum-PCB

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