The press release is about AK Security, a company that is known for its security guard services in the states of Florida and Georgia.
One of the most renowned security guard companies that serves the states of Florida and Georgia is A.K. Security. Back in 2004, A.K. Security started offering its services under the name of East Coast Regional Protection Agency. The focus of the business since its founding is providing patrolling and other security-related services in both Florida and Georgia. Nowadays, the company is still committedtooffering the best security services to satisfy its clients. The clients of A.K. Security are high profile individuals and large management groups that request retail security operations, alarm responses, bodyguard services, hotel security assistance, HUD housing projects, alarm responses, ATM responses and much more. The company also provides TWIC and MARSEC(maritime security) certified personnel for ports (cargo and passenger ships) across the states of Georgia and Florida. A glance through the website shall give you a better view of this company and the services it offers.
A.K. Security is known for providing a wide range of security services that include retail, residential, commercial, educational, industrial, healthcare, management and transportation security. On top of this, A.K. Security also offers a consulting security service, construction site security, fire watch services, natural disasters and emergency response security services, security camera and system installation, plus much more.All those who are looking for the best personal security guard servicesshould get in touch with this company, as they provide so many high-quality security options, they are sure to meet your company’s requirements.
A.K. Security has earned a successful reputation for itssecurity offices in Jacksonville FL,Tampa FL, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Gainesville FL, San Antonia TX, Orlando FL, Houston TX, Austin TX, Dallas TX, Atlanta GA and Tallahassee FL. The company is located inthe areas of Jacksonville FL and Atlanta GA. Both sites are ready to provide 24*7 security services to meet the requirements of clients and offer them peace of mind while making them feel safe.
You can request a quote online or callif you need more guidance. The contact number is mentioned on the website. You will get a quick response to all ofyour questions, as the client is the top priority for this company.
Contact Us:
Address: Jacksonville, FL: 1-855-777-2851
Local Office: 1-904-332-4060
Fax: 1-866-417-6020