Every year, Women’s Day is celebrated with a lot of vigor and passion across the world. For years now, Women from all across the world, belonging to different cultures and background are honored for their ingenious contribution to the society.

And this year, continuing the trend, Women Planet is hosting a Women’s Day Special contest to admire, honor and thank women who have raised their voice against injustice, saved lives, helped the needy or contributed in their own small way to the society.

WomenPlanet is a platform to unite women from all across the country who believe that we women are equals to dominant gender and hold the potential to bring a change in the world. We believe in uniting women from different walks of life, sharing and inspiring each other. And for the last 9 years, we have successfully been the podium for women to share their heart felt stories, achievements and conquests with the world.

This year, we are hosting the WINspires 2020, a contest that is designed to honor and facilitate Great Women who have changed their course of life to help others. This year, we aim to find women belonging to different backgrounds who have fought the world with their work and strength to bring equality in the society. Hence, we request everyone to join this contest and nominate women you know who are the torch bearers of justice, equality and social reformation.

So, if you know someone whom you admire and respect, someone who has risked their own future for the upbringing of the society, we are here to listen to your stories and honor them.

We will shortlist the top 10 entries, interview and feature them on our website on Women’s Day! So, let’s join our hands together to support and honor Womenhood together!