Blend+ GmbH und Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH have entered into an agreement about the joint development of additive blends that will enhance the performance of recycled polyolefins and make them suitable for higher-grade applications. Under this partnership, Blend+ will develop process technology for the optimal mixing of customized additive blends, of more than five ingredients in most cases, and produces and ships the blends in the product form that best meets the compounders” requirements in each individual case.

Mitsui Deutschland uses its extensive knowledge of additive chemistry and applications to provide customized additive blends used in the production of polymer materials from recycled plastics. The new blends, which may contain more than five components, are specifically adjusted to the individual requirements specified by the ordering plastics recycler. For these customers, not only the formulation of the blends counts. Easy handling and processing are just as important for them, as is a high repeatability of production, in other words, the assurance that each delivery features exactly the same blend composition.

To meet the growing demands of their customers, Mitsui Deutschland and Blend+ have joined forces to develop high-grade additive blends for recycled polyolefins. Under the agreement, Blend+ and Mitsui Deutschland will collaborate to provide customers with customized blends in convenient formats (powder, pellets, etc.) requested and needed by the compounders to meet the specific requirements of the recycling market.

Blend+ supplies the blends in the forms of pellets, agglomerates or powder, depending on the specifics of the application. The additives are manufactured at the Blend+ facilities in Düren, near Cologne. The unique design of the production lines enables the company to produce blends of most complex formulations and specialty blends, in virtually any batch size. With its most advanced production lines, which are one-of-a-kind in the plastics processing industry, and its ultra-precise, process-controlled ingredients weighing process, Blend+ assures highest repeatability of its production.

Dr. Achim Roth, General Manager at Mitsui Deutschland, explains why the two companies have entered into this agreement: “Mitsui Deutschland develops specific concepts for the stabilization of polyolefins and their recyclates. We decided to cooperate with Blend+ because the company has both: excellent process know-how and the plant technology that we need to produce our high-grade multi-component additive blends. We are sure that we will constantly receive the same excellent quality from Blend+ because we know how accurately and reliably the company controls the processes at its production facility.”

Joachim Bayer, Manager Sales of Blend+, sees significant growth potential for blends in the recycling market: “The leading trade fair for the plastics industry “K” has clearly shown that plastics recycling is continuously growing in importance. The development of customized formulations and blends is driven by the fact that the quality of sourced raw materials for the production of recyclates varies tremendously from customer to customer. Here is where the know-how of Mitsui Deutschland and Blend+ come together ideally.”