New York, USA – The long wait is finally over. Gong Cha, manufacturer of the best bubble tea in the world, is opening a new franchise in Brooklyn, New York. The new Brooklyn store is here with an excellent selection of sweet boba tea flavor for the community to enjoy.

Located in 1570 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, its Soft Opening is scheduled to hold on Feb 2nd with 15% off all purchases! The Grand opening will be with a buy One Get One Free offer on the top 10 drinks!

Gong Cha’s franchises from across the U.S have been hugely popular in the past years. It’s not surprising as the company is known to put a smile on the faces of its esteemed customers by serving the most delicious bubble tea combo.

Gong Cha has varieties of flavors that are nearly endless. Customers can expect to order their favorite drinks in the new franchise. They include the strawberry lemonade with strawberry peal, honey lemon slush, honey lemon green tea, and more.

With over 50 different beverage options available, customers will be free to customize their drinks according to their preferences. Various toppings like tapioca balls are available to add more deliciousness to their bubble tea order. Customers can also control the sugar level of their ice.

“This new Brooklyn location is a place our customers will love. Our selection of flavor is delicious, incredible, and unique”. We have invested our knowledge, finance, and expertise to ensure that the Brooklyn community enjoys our freshly prepared bubble tea and in a comfortable environment. says Lamba Achal, president Gong Cha.

Gong Cha, headquartered in New York, sells bubble tea with different flavor options.
Some of the most popular of them are the mango slush with mango jelly and the milk tea with chewy bubble.

The new Brooklyn franchise is located in a serene environment with attractive decorations that look appealing. There’s also a joint for customers to hang out and sip some boba.

“Our goal is to maintain the best ingredient in the industry and satisfy our highly esteemed customers,” he said. “We will be happy to introduce new bubble tea flavours to you anytime soon. So stay tuned.”

About Gong Cha

Originated from Kaohsiung Taiwan, Gong Cha, inspired by the word “tribute tea for the emperor,” is a popular manufacturer and seller of bubble tea in the United States and over the world.

Gong Cha has several franchises in different locations across the U.S, U.K, and Canada.

The goal of the company is to serve delicious, freshly prepared bubble tea to its customers. Their bubble tea combines various delicacies, including fruits, topping, and other natural creative combos.

Gong Cha bubble tea stores serve boba tea that is continually refreshed every four hours.


For more info on Gong Cha bubble teas, and flavors, including questions and inquiries, get in touch with:

Anchal Lamba

75 West 38th Street,
Greater New York City Area
New York, NY, USA