GenderLogica is affordable line of cruelty-free and fragrance free skin care products made with premium grade ingredients for all genders and skin types.

Woodland Hills, CA., February 17, 2020 — Popular Stylist Anthony Edward is pleased to announce a premium skincare line GenderLogica for all skin types and genders. GenderLogica is a cruelty-free and fragrance free skin care made with healthy ingredients free from phthalates, synthetic color, mineral oil, petro chemical or parabens.

GenderLogica is an age defying, nutrient rich skin care formulated in the USA with premium grade ingredients in the highest concentrate for maximum efficacy. Ingredients used in GenderLogica are healthy and will not cause hormonal disruptions.

GenderLogica line of skincare consists of several products, Complete Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, Eye Perfective, Supreme Ageless Cream, Skin Firming Serum, Lip Restore and Luxurious Anti Aging Hand & Body lotion. There is no other skincare lines that have the high quality ingredients and also gender neutral. Everyone can feel comfortable and confident using it.

GenderLogica has all the nutrients and nourishment needed to take any skin from rough and dry to smooth, hydrated and luxurious. It has premium grade ingredients in the highest concentration for maximum efficacy. All Genders should get ready to rejuvenate their skin with a product that is enriched with a blend of nourishing and restorative ingredients to achieve age defying results and will not cause hormonal disruptions.

Anthony, a world class hairstylist with nearly 30 years of professional experience in providing personal care, beauty, and comfort,has garnered an outstanding level of expertise to help clients look and feel their very best. Anthony combines ethically-sourced, cruelty-free ingredients coupled with a passion for quality, innovation and incorporating state of the art technology into exquisite beauty products.

Anthony brings GenderLogica to everyone after years of dealing with bad skin himself, “I have had acne since I was young and it was cystic, painful and embarrassing and it was the start of decline of having any self confidence. While I was watching my friends play tag football, I remember a kid from another block who looked at me and asked – what happened to your face? My answer was, I got ugly.” remembers Anthony like it was yesterday but he is 56 now. He has never really recovered from that. “I was also ethnic (mixed race) among all the white kids with good skin who bullied me, I was also so thin with a very high metabolism. It has been a struggle on my journey to overcome all of that, which brings me to having the opportunity to make a skincare line called GenderLogica” says Anthony. GenderLogica’s mission is to truly help others maximize their flawless skin health potential by providing affordable and high quality products formulated in the USA to individuals.

GenderLogica is currently available with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that each purchase is absolutely risk-free.

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