Are you looking for a 12v to 120v DC-DC converter at a great price? HVM Technology Inc. is the place to go! HVM Technology was established in 2004 and noted as the producer of specialized multi-output higher voltage DC to DC converters.

Primarily, these converters are known to be widely used in image intensifiers. This technology base was first established by HVM and helped the company to create high voltage microelectronics. That’s from where the company got its name. The main mission of this company is to design and manufacture miniature versions of high voltage products like the 12v to 6v DC-DC converter and more.

HVM provides customers with innovative solutions to help them take this modern technology to a completely new level. Furthermore, to help reach more people globally, they are now working with some of the major global distributors like Digi-Key Electronics, Enertec International, Luso Electronics and Kumnong Engineering Inc.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, HVM takes careful measures to provide quality 12v to 120v DC-DC converters to their clients. It comprises of J-STD-001 Assembly and in-house automated SMT pick and place production. This process helps you find dedicated RoHS assembly lines to get the converters delivered within a set time.

The manufacturing capabilities of HVM covers vacuum potting procedures, transformer coil windings, and fire-wire magnetics. Furthermore, to present the best 12v to 120v DC-DC converter, this company has its own quality assurance program. Their experienced staff of professionals uses quality management tools for improving their business operations daily.

They are highly focused on customer satisfaction, teamwork, training, and facts-based communications. Members of this team are proficiently trained to use the best tools to identify issues and check issues before presenting devise improvements.

So, next time you need a 12v to 6v DC-DC converter make sure to get it from

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