If you’re a digital marketer, you know it can be a challenge sometimes to convince business owners that a web-centric marketing strategy is the only way forward.
Believe it or not, many businesses are still “dipping their toes” in digital. Their strategy is to randomly try tactics- which is no strategy at all.
We talk to hundreds of local business owners every year and find that many people already know – and are getting increasingly frustrated – that traditional outbound marketing and advertising tactics don’t work like they used to:

TRUTH BOMB: Traditional marketing and advertising can still be very effective in creating demand, but if your company does not have an effective web presence, then it can’t capture this demand as it filters back through the Internet.
Getting Clues From the Stock Market
I am not classically trained as a web designer, web developer or even as an SEO consultant. I have a degree in Finance and an MBA. I came into digital marketing as an outsider and self-taught my way into this industry.
But I believe my roots in business and finance give me a unique perspective, and I still like to look at digital marketing company in pune from outside-the-box for insight.
I’m also always looking for ways to explain SEO, web design and digital marketing in a way that business owners will understand. At some point, all businesses will “get it” because inbound marketing is the only way forward.
How Does This Information Apply to Digital Marketing?
As a web designer and search engine optimization consultant, I believe the stock market is screaming at old school marketing hold-outs.
If this information doesn’t make the light bulb go off, and compel your company to commit to a long term digital marketing strategy, I’m not sure what will.
Here’s what the stock marketing is telling you about your digital marketing services in pune strategy:

1 Apple
Apple represents your website. This company manufactures the devices and provides the operating systems that enable businesses and consumers to view website content.
The only way to get to consumers that use Apple devices is through the Internet.

2 Google
Google, or Alphabet as the parent company is now called, represents your content. A website cannot be found unless there is substantial optimized content on a optimized website.
And these days, Google is digging deeper into your online presence and looks for information around the Internet to determine if your business is trustworthy and credible.

3 Microsoft
Similar to Apple, Microsoft also represents your website as this company provides the devices and operating systems that consumers use to access website content on computers and mobile phones.

4 Amazon
Amazon represents many aspects of the modern purchase process. For many business, Amazon represents your eCommerce strategy, because giving people an easy way to buy your products and services online is becoming mandatory.
But the most important lesson (in the context of this blog post) is your online reputation.

5 Facebook
Facebook represents your social media presence. Facebook, and the other major social networks, is where people hang out. Social media is where people find out about new places, products and services.
Further, having an active social media presence makes your business more trustworthy and provides consumers with a level of social proof they need to make a purchase decision.