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The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited geological landscapes in the world. It offers a record of eras of geological time, offering a diverse and rich fossil record.
Beyond geology, the Grand Canyon is home to several ecosystems. You can find over 1500 plants, 360 different bird breeds, more than 90 varieties of mammals, 45 reptiles, 9 amphibian species and 17 types of fish.
If you love biodiversity, birdwatching, or taking in the fresh air, the Grand Canyon is the place for you.
Big Horn Wild West Tours are a great way to enjoy the Grand Canyon, especially if staying in Las Vegas. We strive to create an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Big Horn is a trusted name in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. If you want to experience a Grand Canyon tour (or a Grand Canyon tour from Las Vegas), we are the company to call.
You will ride in style in a Hummer H2, departing from your hotel in Vegas. We know all the stops to make along the way, and our ride is one of the most comfortable out there. You will truly enjoy this experience.
People say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But, what’s outside of Vegas? The Grand Canyon! Our friendly and informative guides will be there to shed some light on the history of this particular place.
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