This press release gives information to the readers regarding the various symptoms and treatments of Autism and ALS and their diagnosis process.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is a rare neurological disease that involves the neurons. These neurons or the nerve cells are the ones that control the voluntary movements of muscles. The muscle movement involves walking, chewing, and talking. This disease is progressive and gets more severe over time. Currently, there is no cure for ALS. There is also no treatment that can reverse the progress or worsening of the disease.

ALS is a very severe disorder also called Neuron disease. This disease is caused by the gradual deterioration of the motor neuron, followed by the death of the neuron. As of now, there is no cure for ALS. The symptoms of ALS include muscle weakness and stiffness. Slowly, all the muscles get affected and eventually the brain loses the ability to initiate and control speaking, moving, eating, and even breathing. Many people have died from respiratory failure caused by ALS. According to a survey, only 10% of the total number of people affected by ALS end up surviving for more than 10 years.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is another disease that is also, up to an extent, relatable with ALS. Autism can be characterized by various symptoms like challenges with various social skills, speech or other types of non-verbal communication and repetitive behaviors. Similar to that of ALS, there is no cure for Autism. This condition can cause disfunction in behavior, family related settings, educational settings, etc.

The therapies that are widely used to minimize the symptoms of Autism are family therapy, Anger therapy, applied behavioral analysis, behavior therapy, sensory processing, telepractice, etc.

Antipsychotics are the most common medications prescribed to a patient with Autism. This medication helps in treating various other psychiatric conditions.

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