Laser Tag has covered a very long journey since it was played the first time in 1984 in the US. Thereafter, a lot of such gaming venues have been opened across the world. And, it is still exceptionally famous among kids & adults. In the late 20th century, when there were no smart phones and a computer was a technology merely available for commercial use, such indoor games emerged as gods of entertainment.

Early Laser Tag weapons and equipment had a heavy, bulky & clumsy design. With the evolution of technology, people switched over the modern-day vest and phasers and abandoned wearing helmets, battery belt packs & carrying 4 times heavier metal phasers. In this way, it was almost inappropriate for kids. But today, the whole gaming framework has changed. Let’s see how?

Gaming Atmosphere: The commencement of 3D technology in the movies has inspired the famous gaming consoles like PlayStation & X Box to develop 3D & High Definition games. The goal is simple, to provide a real-time experience as brilliant as possible. And that’s quite possible that we as a video game freak won’t remain any different from an in-game character in the future, remember Jumanji? And accordingly, the same thing applies to Laser Tag as well.

Customer Evolution: Today, the players are very quick on learning and always keep on looking for substitutes to refill their experience. They stay conscious towards instant gratification, feedback & reward for their achievement. Therefore companies always keep on bringing various updates and refreshing features to hold up their interests. That’s how indoor gaming centers never stops attracting you.

Movies & TV: James Cameron came out with 2 very successful science fiction movies in the 80s. The first one was the action-packed “The Terminator” where the other was the bone-chilling horror thriller “ Aliens”. Because of the lack of adequate technology in the 20th century, people weren’t able to relate themselves with such storylines while playing indoor action games. But today, fun centers like Blast City LA easily provides a Laser Tag setup inspired by such films.

Blast City is the perfect search result to a “Laser Tag Near Me” if you’re a resident of Los Angeles or even a traveler. The high-tech Laser Guns, Vest, Dark Arena-X & creative sound effects at Blast City won’t let you feel any less than a Science Fiction character. It has also invited filmmakers to utilize its Laser Tag Arena as a film set. Now, what are you waiting for?