Outsourcing is more and less about going risk-free and in response getting a helping hand for the tasks your current team isn’t expertise in. It’s trending for all good and if there were any loopholes, they’re getting filled for the betterment of both the company and the third party or individual catering those outsourcing needs. This all can be summed up as Statista’s report suggests the $85.6 billion revenues for the outsourcing company in 2018 from what it was merely $45.6 billion back in 2000.
Undoubtedly, it was a time when the workforce and that too in-house was taken as the strength. But now as IT and Software is making waves all across the globe everyone keeps pushing for outsourcing. Just to let you know how everyone indulges into outsourcing thingy, World’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Samsung is gearing up to outsource fifth of its production in 2020 to wobble the Chinese rivals. This shows how the promising year 2020 and many others to come will be favorable in terms of IT and software outsourcing.
What has skyrocketed the demand for outsourcing is companies having streamlined functionalities to get over the line. So, this way companies never share the details meant to be kept confidential but go ahead getting their work done. To let you know what’s in demand, we share the details of the trending IT outsourcing services.
2020 IT Outsourcing Services Trends – At a Glance
More People Driven – Less Money Driven
The common perception is outsourcing is meant to be a seamless semi-automated process which is cost-effective. But 2020 isn’t going to be about saving a few bucks, it will assert on having companies asking for the high-quality IT outsourcing services and paying them as per their will. Therefore, in response to that companies will rope in third parties in a way that they equally suffer the risk in case they offer substandard services. To make this process filtered out for someone willing to go one extra mile, all this is going to be more human-driven and the utmost responsibility stays on Talent Acquisition (TA) Manager.
More Specialized Third Parties for IT Outsourcing Services
The affiliation with the only one-third party for outsourcing isn’t going to be the norm anymore. The bigwig companies will lookout to work with the best options in a particular niche. What previously was on the high stake was a single third party offering all the technical and non-technical services. It was majorly done to make the outsourcing process hassle-free and relying on only one third party service for all the needs.
Application Development and Maintenance
The website presence used to make one business owner look more legit, now mobile or a desktop app is taken as one such soft signal among the consumers. Therefore, it has sky-rocketed the demand for an app for all kind of business owners. Being non-technical in this regard, most of them outsource this task and even once it’s done they hire the third party for the continuous support and maintenance.

Reporting and Audits
The companies believe in impartial audits and reports as they directly or indirectly help one to flourish their business. Though this process was previously availed by only the bigwig companies, now 2020 onward it will be trending for all the right reasons. A third party having no stake can conduct the impartial financial audits and that’s why many top-notch companies get this outsourced.
Social Media
Even if you’re a small-time business owner, the more presence across different mediums on the web including that of social media portals will help you to meet certain targets of yours. Most primarily, brand awareness is on the cards through social media. Moreover, if you go on exploring one can even create a loyal audience/customers through social media campaigns. The Ad-targeting and engagements lessens the distance between the customer and the brand and that’s why it stands out as one integral part of the business. Keeping this in view, social media outsourcing is on the uprise as you get an expert to do all this potential work.
AI taking in for Manual Processes
The bots and virtual agents are making all this process flawless and cost-effective with the courtesy of Artificial Intelligence Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This process aims to cut the cost for companies and also the workforce. As simple as it can get, the work which previously needed 10 people, just requires 1-2 people with AI taking on the charge. This pushes companies to get third party AI tools for an entirely different experience.