Each time a firm Judgment falls upon convicting a person for a criminal offense established in the Criminal Code, the Court sends all the information to the ministry so that the criminal records are recorded.

The criminal record, therefore, records the information related to the identification of the convicted person. The crime, the penalty imposed and the date of the sentence of the crimes that have been convicted by a final judicial ruling on facts established in the Criminal Code.

In summary, they are personal data recorded in a file dependent on the Ministry of Justice created to preserve the history of crimes, trials, convictions on crimes for which any person has been punished. If you have committed any crime and if you want to remove it easily, the best and easy option is to contact pardons.org.

What is the cancellation of a criminal background?

The Criminal Code facilitates the possibility and the right to obtain from the Ministry of Justice the cancellation of your criminal record to all those who have been convicted of a crime in a final judicial sentence, provided that they comply with the requirements established by law and that they have fulfilled or extinguished his criminal responsibility, the previous report of the Judge or Court.

For such cancellation to occur, it is necessary as we say, in addition to the termination of criminal responsibility, compliance with said legal requirements.

How to cancel criminal record Canada?

The legal requirements necessary for the cancellation of the criminal record are:

– That the convicted person does not commit any other crime within the deadlines established in the Criminal Code.

– In addition to meeting these deadlines, to request the cancellation of the criminal record must have fulfilled the civil responsibilities that have been provided in the sentence.

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To do this, first of all, you have to differentiate the criminal record from the police record, since each type entails a specific procedure for its elimination or cancellation. Once you get it, you can get in touch with Canadian pardon services.

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