Mumbai, February 11, 2020: Sportskeeda, India’s largest all-sports website owned and maintained by Absolute Sports Pvt. Ltd., is all set to capture 45Mn online cricket users in India during the T20 cricket carnival starting 29th March 2020.

Commenting on this, Porush Jain, CEO and Founder, Sportskeeda said: We have been able to see a massive jump in terms of time spent on the website and app. This shall only increase from here! He also said that there is a sizable percentage of users who trust Sportskeeda as a reference platform.

He mentioned that they have run a small survey amongst their 10,000 cricket user base and based on their feedback, the following features have been added to their current offering:

1. Fantasy Team Predictions: With the surge of Fantasy Apps and its users, Sportskeeda has started providing Fantasy team predictions before the start of every match.

2. Hindi Commentary: Catering at the request of thousands of its cricket users, Sportskeeda has started providing live cricket commentary in Hindi.

3. Faster Scores: Score updates have significantly improved with best in class technology deployment

They have integrated with leading OEMs and Media platforms which make it easier for the users to keep themselves updated with the latest match scores and has helped them, onboard users, on a large scale.

On the sales front, they are aiming to close 30 Cr in Ad revenue. With Ad innovations and several other user-level changes, they provide value to their clients by providing them with premium Ad inventory. They are guaranteeing a daily roadblock with 10Mn impressions.

It was recently funded by Nazara Technologies. It has been learned that Nitish Mittersain and Manish Agarwal are actively involved in Sportskeeda and are helping them grow through their experience with Nazara Network.