Valentines’ Day is a special occasion for expressing your feelings for your significant other. While many use the day to propose, it is also a special day to say what you feel about your current partner. MrOwl, a Social Cloud Storage™ platform that brings together the best of search, social, and the cloud altogether. It is emerging as an important resource for getting the best out of all aspects of your life-your love life also included. 

On MrOwl, users build public or private collections, called branches, organized with subtopics, links, documents, and different types of media. Users can upload gigabytes of data with just a few clicks and have it automatically organized into a MrOwl branch that is shareable and searchable for friends and family. These collections are great for organizing, interacting, and collaborating. Each topic also has whole communities built around them, so you can always find and interact with people from around the world about the content that you are interested in.

The MrOwl Community is often the best place to start looking for what others would recommend. There is a whole resource in the MrOwl Community that deals with love. If you are currently in love, looking to get into a relationship, or just curious about the various emotional, psychological, and historical perspectives on love, this community is perfect for you. 

Another MrOwl Community strictly has content about romance. It covers romance within relationships and expressions of romantic attraction; includes ways to improve romance and intimacy within a relationship, and even tips on the importance of romantic gestures.

If you’re keen for less psychological content and interested in fun date ideas, this Valentine’s Day recipes page is perfect. It has recipes for Valentine’s Day treats including desserts and candies. It also has links full of ideas for romantic Valentine’s Day dinners. Isabelle Thompson, another MrOwl user, also has a branch on giving the perfect gift. So, whether you are interested in the reasons why you are in love, or just trying to impress your significant other, MrOwl can assist you in finding the information you need. 

Arvind Raichur, CEO, and Co-Founder of MrOwl said, “Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for anyone who has ever been in love. MrOwl has great resources to help you share your feelings with that someone special in your life and start planning not only that special evening-but a whole life together.” 

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