Strict qualifications were required for placement in the ‘Top 10 Questions On Whiteboard paint for 2020″ List. Industrial coating specialists and manufacturing company, TSC LLC. T/A ReMARKable Coatings, evaluated thousands of emails, hundreds of reviews, and phone interviews with business owners and educational institutions, narrowing down countless FAQs to discover what mattered the most to buyers when creating a dry-erase wall or surface area. The full list of questions, along with the detailed answers, can be found on the company website

Among the highest-ranked questions are:

In first place, “Should the surface be 100% smooth before applying quality whiteboard paint?” – The answer to this topranked question was a clear-cut “yes.” and goes in detail about how important it is to avoid what is known as “orange peel walls,” which have a rough texture with many tiny peaks and valleys like those on an orange peel. This effect is described as “generally produced to give a wall character.” However, the answer goes on to state that any orange peel texture must be removed from walls before whiteboard paint can be applied and that this can be accomplished by sanding the surface with 240-grit sandpaper, or by spreading a layer of joint compound, also known as drywall mud, over the walls to fill in the irregularities and then sand afterward, thus producing a uniform smooth surface.

Regarding this soothing process, one of ReMARKable’s satisfied customers said, “I chose to put two skim coats of drywall joint compound on first and sand that to a smooth finish. Then two coats of ReMarkable Base Paint. It worked great. Finally, the coating went on as easy as pie.”

The second question on ReMARKable’s list is “How long does whiteboard paint take to dry?” – Answer two defines a quality whiteboard paint as an architectural coating that is dry to the touch in 12 hours, and ready for use after just 48 hours from the time of application. This would be in contrast to a four-to-seven-day wait required for low-end whiteboard paints. ReMARKable’s customers have commented that the greatest appeal of a premium whiteboard paint is its extremely rapid dry time, which allows them to have a usable whiteboard surface in as little as one business day. The takeaway benefit from answer two is, not having to experience a long delay before getting back into the office saves a business time, money, and frustration.

The third question in line is “How soon will the whiteboard paint arrive?” – ReMARKable’s answer goes into great detail about why a consumer can’t just walk into a local hardware store and buy a gallon of commercial-grade whiteboard paint. The answer states that, in general, most high-end architectural coatings are shipped by the following business day after the order is placed, so, that the buyer gets the freshest batch possible, which ensures the maximum shelf-life, quality of coating, and ability to start and finish a whiteboard wall in the shortest amount of time. A rapid shipping policy allows consumers to avoid extended waiting periods to complete their whiteboard wall installation. The answer to question three goes on to mention that a speedy delivery of the product is especially important for whiteboard paint buyers who have regularly scheduled meetings that urgently need a larger writing and drawing surface than the one they have to expedite idea generation, information transfer, and the like.

The most obvious question about whiteboard paint only ranks number four, which is “Does whiteboard paint erase very well? – The answer to question four is spelled out in three main points. First, Only top-quality whiteboard paint erases exceptionally well. Second, consumers must follow the application instructions to a tee before and while the coating is being applied. Third, it’s essential to precisely follow the cleaning and care instructions to ensure that the whiteboard coated surface stays new-looking, immaculate, and easy to erase for ten or more years of regular use.

When discussing the reasons for creating the top 10 list, Susan Anspach, Sr. Manager /Technical Creative Planner of ReMARKable said, “I think it’s extremely important to show the contrast between these most frequently asked questions and the questions that buyers of whiteboard paint should be asking, which I will be covering in the ‘Should Ask Questions’ report that we will be releasing very soon.”

Susan Anspach and David Rairick, both professional decorative artists and architectural coatings specialists, make the claim that ReMARKable dry-erase paint was conceived as a solution to many problems in the whiteboard paint market. They tried working with various dry erase paint solutions on the market and were met with incredibly frustrating experiences. Unfortunately, every commercial-grade coating product that they came across on the market could not pass one or more of these tests.

•Ease of application for an average non-professional painter.
•Toxicity or strength of the odor that causes headaches.
•Ease of erasability.
•Smear, smudge, and yellow discoloration over time.
•Surface bubbles and flaws that interrupt the writing experience.

ReMARKable whiteboard paint is said to have been born out of these failed tests. David and Susan went to work on creating the perfect whiteboard paint formula that applies quickly, erases easily, does not smear, smudge or discolor, even over time, is water-based and virtually odorless, and totally smooth when finished for a perfect writing experience.

Business Owners looking for the most up-to-date questions about whiteboard paint in 2020 can view the complete list at the link provided in the first paragraph of this announcement. Companies and educational institutions who would like to optimize valuable office and teaching space while boosting collaborative creativity between employees or students with a whiteboard wall may contact Susan Anspach via her direct line (800) 936-2159.