If you are looking to protect the future of your business by reducing potential credit risk, Accountability is your solution. The company was established by Howard and Wendy Kemp as a means to reduce the frustration of risk caused by outstanding payments. Since Accountability is a web-based credit and debit management service provider, members have access to the website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The website is also incredibly user-friendly. By simply logging in, member have access to several different debt collectors, as well as a simplified debt management process.

Members are also given the opportunity to manage their debtors according to the current status of their relationship with them. While you may have outstanding payments owed to you, you may not want to throw them in the deep end just yet. For most Accountability members, listing customers with the major Credit Bureaus is generally a last resort. It is also up to the member whether they would like to list them with the Credit Bureaus or not. Accountability will under no circumstances act without the member’s instruction.

Some of the membership benefits available to clients include intra-member networking, downloads and advice, and Accountability security alerts. In terms of intra-member networking, members make themselves available to be contacted by other members and, as such, are able to network with one another to promote their products or services. Accountability provides significant value to clients, as they are more than just your average debt and credit management agency.

The company aims to create an environment and system that is beneficial to not only the clients, but also their employees, the country and their Credit Bureau partners. Accountability’s mission is to create an opportunity to share in their growth, to boast a professional and performance driven culture, as well as to uphold high moral and ethical standards. The company wants the entire country to have better accountability.

If you’re interested in utilising the services offered by Accountability, would like more information on the services or would like a quote on credit or debit management, visit their official website at: https://www.accountability.co.za/

About the Company
Accountability is a web-based credit and debit management service provider. The company aims to keep client’s businesses protected by providing them with the relevant tools. Accountability members and clients have 24-hour access to the relevant service and data required to assist with credit risk reduction.

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