Summary: With over 20 years’ experience in the tree care industry, Integrity Tree Care bring a wealth of tree maintenance services to homes and gardens in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

Integrity Tree Care are delighted to offer their comprehensive tree care services to homes and gardens all over Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. Bringing over 20 years of experience and a passion for customer service, they promise to bring an honest, transparent and no-nonsense approach to the field of tree care with its range of services.

Brand promises to take tree care to the next level

The team at Integrity Tree Care understand that it takes a big leap of faith to invite a professional into your garden to attend to your trees and have worked hard to win the trust and respect of their clientele.

The health of your trees can have a significant impact on the health of your garden and can even affect the integrity of your home and the safety of those who live within it. Improper tree care, like the lopping of branches without due care and attention can create instability in the tree while a lack of maintenance can leave trees vulnerable to infections.

The brand aims to deliver a complete range of tree care services while promising to deliver integrity and value for money.

Integrity Tree Care is licensed and fully insured and have a dedicated 24/7 call out services to render emergency support at any time of the day or night.

Those interested in tree care services can visit the Integrity Tree Care website for free, zero obligation quote. Pricing will depend on the size of the tree, both in terms of its height and the circumference of the trunk. The age and accessibility of the tree will also play a part in determining pricing.

Integrity Tree Care’s range of services includes;

Cutting and pruning

Cutting and pruning are integral to the maintenance of a healthy tree. They help to prevent overshadowing of other plants and grasses, ensuring that your lawn is healthy and that other plants in your garden get the sunlight, water and nutrients they need. Integrity Tree Care offer flexible cutting and pruning services to ensure that trees remain healthy and harmonious with the rest of the garden.

Tree removal

There are, unfortunately, some circumstances in which tree removal is necessary. When a tree grows unstable due to improper pruning it can risk toppling over in strong winds, as can a tree that has grown too tall. As tree roots spread throughout the landscape, they can sometimes prevent other plants in the garden from getting the water and nourishment that they need from your soil. This may also be an instance in which a tree needs to be removed. Sometimes, a tree’s integrity may be damaged by an infection or disease which risks spreading to other parts of the garden.

Integrity Tree Care can carry out an inspection of an offending tree and ascertain whether or not removal is necessary before ensuring safe and comprehensive removal of the tree from your property. The stump can either be left or removed as part of this service.

Stump removal

If a tree has previously been removed from your garden, a stump may be left. Without proper care, this stump may become infected. What’s more, a tree stump can also become a trip hazard to all in the household, especially children who are playing in the garden.

As such, Integrity Tree Care offer a comprehensive stump removal and grinding process to level off the stump and ensure a smooth, level surface in the garden. This service is offered both on its own and as part of the brand’s tree removal services.

Emergency and cleanup services

Integrity Tree Care would also like to announce that they offer a 24-hour emergency service to mitigate damage and risk from tree-related emergencies. They also offer storm damage cleanup services, removing trees and related detritus which can block roads and driveways in the wake of a storm and cause unwelcome disruption.

Integrity Tree Care look forward to bringing their years of experience, competitive pricing and emphasis on honesty and integrity to bear on the tree maintenance issues of all their North Carolina customers.

For more information, please refer to Integrity Tree Care’s website. They can be contacted by email at, or over the phone at (704) 608-7285. Postal or personal enquiries should be delivered to the following address;

Integrity Tree Care
5304 Carole Ave
Indian Trail, NC 28079