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We want to talk to you about everything you need to know about web hosting. At, we know that when hiring a hosting service more are the doubts and questions that newbies have in this matter than certainties. Hence our intention is to present this guide with basic concepts and advice on this topic. Keep reading and take notes.

Basics about web hosting:

Server hosting is a place where websites are stored. In order for your site to be available worldwide, it must be stored on a computer, which is known as a web server. Think of it as a house to store files (HTML codes, images, documents, and videos) in a web hosting.

Many times the term web hosting refers to the company we hire to store our Web and that provides the service and allows Internet connectivity. So that other computers can access the files on your site.

Types of Web hosting:

There are 5 types of web hosting, which are free, shared, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated and cloud hosting.

What they all have in common is that they are a storage center for your website, but they differ in storage capacity, control, required technical knowledge, server speed and reliability. In the image, you can see a basic explanation of the most used types of hosting.

Free hosting:

There are free hosting options like having your website on The options for customization and handling are limited. If you have a blog you could start with it and then go to and hire a hosting.

There is also another option, to request a space on your server from a hosting company. With the condition of allowing them to place advertising on your pages.

Shared hosting:

In this one website is located on the same server as many other sites, you can share with a few, with hundreds or thousands. Then, all domains share the same resources like RAM or CPU. They are very cheap. Many sites with low traffic and standard software prefer this type of hosting.

VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Server – This divides the server into virtual servers, in which each site is hosted on its own dedicated server. But in reality, they are sharing a server with other users.

With VPS hosting, users may or may not have access to the control panel, depending on the company they hire. And they will have a better hosting environment, more secure. Websites that need more control on the server but do not want to invest in a dedicated one can opt for this option.

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