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The audio conferencing app grptalk has been given a major revamp, including a brand new look. The app, a product of Telebu Communications, is getting bigger and better, and will no longer sport its orange theme. From today, Blue will be the colour of grptalk.

Apart from the colour, the app screens have been redone for ease of use. There is a new UI, where large calls can be handled with ease from the mobile app itself. A call summary pop-up has been introduced to give clients a detailed breakdown of the number of participants.

Among the web features, group creating has become easier. The web panel is now even more responsive, and the screens have been optimized to show more members during large calls. Another interesting feature the introduction of NPS, which obtains feedback from customers.

Commenting on the revamp, Founder & CEO of Telebu Communications, Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti says, “The reason behind making a shift from Orange to Blue is to align all our products with the single brand philosophy. Even though we began our journey as an SMS platform, over the years, we’ve evolved to include a range of communication solutions. I believe that it is important that the products resonate with the organization’s philosophy.”