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The next time you are looking for a high vibration fan, you need to check out STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. Being a leader in the field of machine protection systems and vibration monitoring, STI has many quality products to choose from.

STI was founded in 1989 as Sales Technology Inc. and created Condition Monitoring Custom Products (CMCP) in 1995 to bring more low-cost solutions to their customers while providing the flexibility required in today’s competitive market. Their name was changed to STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. in 2010 to better reflect their mission. All their products like pump vibration and even the high vibration fan ismanufactured in the USA, located in Nevada and Texas.

STI is also known to provide its customers with much-needed flexibility as required in today’s competitive market. The team takes extra care in delivering the top of the line high vibration fan to their customers, with no complaints.

STI specializes in low-cost alternatives to Rack Based Monitoring Systems, by bringing single-channel transmitters and monitors into the market. By creating a monitoring system based on single channels, the costs of machine protection systems are now much more affordable.

STI is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
So, the next time you need help with pump vibration and high vibration fans, make sure you visit

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STI Vibration Monitoring Inc.
1010 East Main Street
League City, Texas 77573
Phone: 281.334.0766
FAX: 281.334.4255