If you want to know how to get HVAC leads, you are here at the right place.

Today, HVAC digital marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of any marketing strategy. Beyond the presence and brand image they help create, social networks are the perfect complement to attract potential customers. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

Finding customers thanks to social networks:

On many occasions, we start managing our company’s social networks without really knowing what we are keeping them alive for. It may be to offer a new communication channel with your customers to improve your brand image and, also to find new customers.

Social networks to attract potential customers:


We will start with one of the most widespread social networks in recent times, Twitter. The network known for its 140-character messages is a perfect platform, whether your business is B2B or B2C. Surely your company has a presence in it, but are you doing the right thing?

On Twitter, it is necessary to monitor the conversations you have to respond to users that you can help solve their needs. We suggest you go a little further, leave your own Twitter and go in search of new customers.


LinkedIn is the professional social network par excellence, so you must work very well if your goal is to create professional contacts.

The best way to position yourself as an expert on LinkedIn and to be able to get new contacts is to do so by participating in groups.


Pinterest is a social network that works very well and has a very well defined target audience. As in the previous cases, identify the keywords by which users find you on the internet.

Search for these words, with hashtags and without them, in the Pinterest search engine. In it, you can do specific searches to find sectors that are of your interest and with pinners that can become customers.


Facebook may be a social network that looks more on a personal level, but the truth is that it has great potential for companies, yes, provided you know how to use it correctly.


Google’s social network is very important, especially to improve positioning issues, as well as being able to help you find new customers.

We are sure, now you know very well how to get HVAC customers? Get in touch with us and know about the HVAC business strategy.