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Dubai tries to boost its economy by means of tourism, media and entertainment. Part of the Emirate’s struggle to market itself is the construction of artificial tourist spots such as the Palm Islands. The islands, which extend throughout Dubai’s territory, are composed of the Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Ali. The Palm Islands have beaches where tourists can either have the relaxation they seek or engage in sports if they like to sweat even more. The construction of Palm Islands, an idea of the Prince of Dubai, will add more space for residential and commercial areas.

There is a Hilton hotel on the Jumeirah beach road where travelers can have a nice stay. Since it is located on the beach itself, business people can even have conferences outside, and they can discuss matters in a relaxing, yet lively venue. It is a hotel that’s so complete that travelers do not need to go out to enjoy their stay in the city. The Dubai Marina Yacht Club is where tourists can enjoy nice food, have a good view of the marina, and get free internet access. This is probably one of the nicest hotels where travelers can have a bonding moment with their loved ones.
Desert Safari In Dubai

Liquors are banned in Dubai; however, there are a few places like the Hilton Hotel that have a bar, allowing tourists to drink alcohol. Dubai’s government still respects the travelers’ preferences and culture as it values its tourism industry. By visiting the Jumeirah Beach, it’d be possible to go fishing on a boat and have a nice view of the ocean. There are plenty other beaches and resorts in Dubai, but Jumeirah Beach is one of the city’s finest. Located near the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea, and Palm Islands, this hotel is suitable for honeymoon stays.

Dubai is composed of man-made places, as well as residential and business areas; but having such places doesn’t hinder its government’s advocacy to convert the desert. If a tourist wants to see what Dubai really is (climate-wise) and to stay near the natural attraction Dubai is known for, he/she can look for a good place through online hotel booking. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve takes care of the flora and fauna in the Arabian Desert, and disallows people to do activities that can negatively impact the environment and its biodiversity.

Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa can offer the traveler an adventure in the Arabian Desert. The tourist is given the chance to explore nature (with a guide, of course), ride a horse, tour the safari, and engage in other terrestrial adventures. It is advised that the traveler contact the resort’s management early, so he/she can inform them of his/her intent to visit. Of course, getting in touch with the management also makes it easy to inquire about the venue, thus eliminating doubts about online hotel booking.

Indeed, there are a lot of activities and attractions in one of Middle East’s greatest wonders. So, if you’re looking to have a nice vacation, you should consider visiting Dubai.