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Amithgarments Services is the best pH meter manufacturers in India. It is simple & convenient for measuring pH levels on the digital LCD display. The LCD display has a large display which makes it easy to read the measured values. At Amith garments, the handheld pH meters are available at affordable prices. It is mainly utilized for laboratory & schools.

The portable pH meter specifications are standard as per industry requirements. This pH meter has the dimension as per weight tester: 16.5cm x 3.8cm; 90g & Boxed: 22cm x 6cm x 5cm; 170g.

The pH meter ranges between 1.00-15.00. It has a dual LCD display with the power requirement of 4 x 1.5V “A 76” micro alkaline batteries. The battery life lasts for more than 500 hours. The calibration offered is up to 3 points & calibration buffer solution USA-4.01/7.00/10.01, NIST – 4.01/6.86/9.18.

It also has ATC (Automatic temperature compensation), which measures pH level & temperature at the same time and then automatically calculates to correct for any differences. The calculations to correct for temperature will be done automatically as long as ATC is enabled on your meter. The sensor has a double junction with Ag/AgCl system with a polymer gel.

It owns the Automatic switch-off feature after 8.5 minutes from the last keypress. User reset & Non-Volatile memory backup are provided. The operating temperature is 0-50 degrees Celsius.