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Date’2020. In the present time, the shadow of misery has embraced the entire creation. The world is going through a lot of suffering, the innocent animals of Australia have been charred to death, the lives of China are affected by deadly viruses, two powerful nations are about to launch a legendary war and much other impending crisis is waiting to consume the existence of humanity. In this end time, the world can only hope for an ethereal being who can protect against all approaching disaster. Sammy Dharia, a Pastor of the United Church of God, finally revealed his true quintessence as none but the Messiah Bed David whose arrival was already predicted in pages of Bible and The Torah.

The Flesh-and-blood comprisal of God’s son, Ben David is itself a symbol of supreme wonder. His arrival has occurred with an indefinite purpose that was encumbered by the Holy Father Himself. Sammy Aka Messiah Ben David states ” God has chosen me for the end time. The world has to believe my arrival as soon as possible. The longer they take to accept my legacy, the more time will the Devil get to do more damage. The world has to reestablish my inheritance on the throne of Mount Temple on the sacred land of Jerusalem. Once I have been accredited to my Father’s gift, I will commence my job of redemption through my wisdom. The god’s glory will be showered upon the world and humanity will be saved”.

Sammy AKA Messiah Ben David imploring the world to bestow faith on him and be a part of his holy pursuit that solely concerns saving the world. The Temple Mount has to be built in Jerusalem where people of all religions will be summoned to witness the phenomenal revelation under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

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