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This Ministry implements Pradhan Mantri Annadata Aay Sanrakshan Abhiyan (PM-AASHA) to ensure Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers of notified oilseeds and pulses qualifying Fair Average Quality (FAQ) norms. PM-AASHA is an umbrella scheme comprising of Price Support Scheme (PSS), Price Deficiency Payment Scheme (PDPS) and Private Procurement < Stockist Scheme (PPSS). These schemes are implemented at the request of the State Governments / Union Territories. PSS is implemented for procurement of pulses, oilseeds and copra at MSP, whereas PDPS is implemented for oilseeds. However, States/UTs may choose either PSS or PDPS in a given procurement season with respect to a particular oilseed crop for the entire State. PDPS does not involve any physical procurement but envisages direct payment of the difference between the MSP and the selling / modal price to pre- registered farmers selling oilseeds of prescribed FAQ norms within the stipulated period in the notified market yard through a transparent auction process. Besides, PPSS is also implemented for oilseeds on pilot basis and States have the option for implementation of PPSS in district/selected APMC(s) of district involving the participation of private stockist. However, if farmers gets better price in comparison to MSP, they are free to sell their produce in open market.