Here is a question that we keep getting asked by interested traders about Forex trading signals:

“I don’t have a working trading strategy yet and I hardly have time to analyze the markets. How can I still benefit from the stock market with little time?”

Many interested traders in this situation end up looking for trading signals instead of generating Forex Signals Free themselves.

How exactly do trading signals work?

A trader shares his order for market entries and exits with interested customers, who then copy the trades into their own trading account. The trading signals can be provided in different ways.

The more followers a signal trader has on these portals, the more commission he can earn through his forex signal service.

Attention: A signal trader earns a commission on social trading platforms if he opens new trades and these are copied to the trading accounts of the followers. This model can be disadvantageous for you as a follower, as your signal generator is motivated to over-trade.

When choosing a signaling device in copy trading, be sure to pay attention to how the signaling devices are remunerated in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

Many of the websites promise the interested trader to get rich with the signals overnight. Actually, they all lie.

Dubious vs. Reputable Forex signal providers:

If you want to bet on someone’s Forex signals and analysis, you want to rule out all possible risks.

In order to find a good signaling service, you have to compare the Forex signal providers with each other. The strengths and weaknesses usually only become visible if you have tested a signal service for a longer period on a demo or a small live account.

So it is completely normal to invest a few dollars before you find the right provider for you. Keep your risk and position size as small as possible and test the signals for the most important criteria using various checklist.

Are the performance and the stated profit target realistic?

When you search for profitableForex Signals Australia on Google, you stumble across websites that promise oversized profits.

“We double your stake every month and you will be a millionaire in a short time!”

It is certainly possible to double the credit on a trading account in just a short time. However, this is also associated with very high risk and the strategy will fail sooner or later.

From our own experience, we can say that 3 digit annual returns are quite feasible in Forex Trading. However, there are also months with little profit or even small losses.