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Summary: The present press release is all about Cannabis labeling. It talks about the different types of regulations meant for them.

Why Packaging and Labeling Regulations Are for Cannabis?

Consumer-packaging is meant for protecting the consumers. Cannabis is a controlled substance and should be used responsibly. Its recreational use is not legal and should be kept away from the minors. Given here are regulations that govern the cannabis usage.

Do all the cannabis products have same labeling regulations?

At present there are five different classes of cannabis that describes different types of cannabis products which are permitted for sale in Canada. Each of the class has a slightly different type of requirements. Classes of the cannabis include these:

Cannabis plant seeds
Cannabis plants
Fresh Cannabis
Cannabis oil
Dried cannabis

Cannabis products including the edibles will be legalized and each of them will have varying cannabis labeling requirements.

Do regulations for recreational and medical cannabis differ?

Cannabis regulations differ and there are different set of requirements for the different packaging levels. There are immediate containers that need primary packaging that is in direct contact with the cannabis product and the secondary packaging is the cartons that contain immediate containers. There are outer wraps and tamper-evident bands.

All the containers should have the same regulatory labeling but there are certain exceptions like barcodes and opening instructions etc. It is good to read the instructions so that you can understand which elements can be possibly omitted from the secondary and the primary level of packaging. Only the immediate containers are required. But, they must be transparent and must be colorless without any texts or images what so ever.

Only immediate containers are required for the purpose of providing tamper evidence, for preventing contamination. Cannabis pouch labeler should follow all these regulations.

Ziplock Pouch Labeling can be customized and used for labeling cannabis.

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