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Technologies would never fail to amaze you through amazing features and out of the user experience. Over time, progress has been made in this digital era that has created considerable disruption in patterns in mobile application development. Starting with various basic features, the internet of things, virtual and augmented reality technologies, has enhanced the overall productivity of mobile apps. Have a look at some stats and facts of mobile applications:

By the year 2021, there will be approximately 7 billion mobile phone users all across the world. (Source)

By the year 2022 annual mobile application downloads are projected to reach around 258 billion which is a 45% increase from 178 billion downloads in the year 2017. (Source)

By the year 2022, consumer spending on the app store is projected to increase by 92% to $157 billion all across the world. (Source)

In the year 2019, the average US adult spent approximately 4 hours a day on a mobile phone device. (Source)

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