It is without a doubt that PSL live streaming services are going to make millions during the series. But the road to this level of success has not been easy and there were many twists and turns along the way. It is only through the continuous support from the fans that PSL 2020 is finally able to start in Pakistan. Before these the previous 4 seasons took place in UAE, only allowing for the final to take place here. Nonetheless, the fruits of labor for the entire nation is here. Many experts hope that this would be a great reward for a decade of deprivation.
List of PSL Broadcasting Channels
PSL 2020 is going to be the biggest event in the history of cricket in Pakistan. That is why broadcasting for such an event is going to be proportionally huge. Many channels are quick to reclaim their rights to broadcast the PSL 2020 matches on tv. This will help them attach the avid cricket enthusiast from all around the world. When considering the broadcasting services in Pakistan, there are just a few to be named. Whereas, when the global market comes into play the contenders add up to a good dozen.
According to various sources, PTV Sports and Geo Sports are successful in renewing their license to broadcast PSL 5. While other foreign channels are also quick to act and nearly all adding a few more are now partnering to broadcast PSL 2020. From India, DSports is going to broadcast the series, followed by Dialog TV (Siri Lanka), Gazi TV (Bangladesh). Then from UAE OSN Sports and Yupp TV, Willow TV (USA), HUM TV (UK), Super Spot (South-Africa). While within the Caribbean Flow Sports is going to give fans the cricket goodness of PSL 2020.
PTV Sports Live Streaming
All the above-mentioned channels are going to provide their services during the PSL 5 series. While the king of the crown PTV Sports will take the lion’s share in Pakistan. This is by far the biggest sports channel in Pakistan and provides its services across multiple platforms. It has the benefits to be the national sports channel of Pakistan and is full of resources. Geo super has come close to dethroning it in the past. But it still remains strong after beating it in a tough competition.
PTV Sports is going through many tweaks to increase its reliable services. This will not only help people get a better cricket experience but will also cement the reputation of the channel. During PSL matches many viewers complain about the server not responding on time. While others complain about the server shutting down completely. That is why it is a matter of great importance for PTV Sports to give out the best PSL live streaming service.
PSL Live Streaming 2020
Taking a look at the projections of the viewership during the PSL 2020 event. It is clear that one traditional medium like television will not be enough to satisfy the audience. Therefore, many networks are providing services that are spread out across multiple platforms. These services are focusing on PSL live streaming on TV, Mobiles, and Computers. By doing this they are going to increase their reach while reducing the load on one specific medium of broadcasting.
Similarly, many websites are also partnering up with major networks to ensure their digital platform takes the lead. To do this other websites operate as plain referral sites, which guide the viewers to the main live streaming services. This benefits both the website and the channel, as they are able to gain more traffic. Many channels like to partner up with dozens of referral sites to boost their traffic and stay ahead of the competition. Where the tv broadcasts allow them to gain a national audience, referral sites provide them with an international audience.
Pakistan Super League 5 Teams
This year there are a total of six teams participating in PSL 2020. These teams include the reigning champions of PSL 2019 Quetta Gladiators under the captaincy of Sarfraz Ahmad. Plus, the previous champions Islamabad United and all-time favorite Peshawar Zalmi. These three teams are among the strong ones in the game and they have an equal chance of winning PSL 2020.
Quetta Gladiators:
Many experts crown it a well-balanced team with fiery talent. Even before their winning of PSL 2019 Quetta Gladiators was a tough team to beat and easily made it into the finals three times. Their rivals are Peshawar Zalmi who themselves are no easy nut to crack. Quetta is very keen on its defense, but their offense is just as good. Their captain is going through a rough patch in his career, which may impact their performance in PSL 5. People speculate that Quetta Gladiators will lose their position as champions this season.
Islamabad United:
Islamabad United has made it into the finals twice and they are the two times champions of PSL. They too are very well balanced, but their strength lies in their bowling. This bowling is the only thing that allows them to beat stronger opponents. But their balance has suffered during the previous three seasons; hence they were not able to win PSL 4. Experts believe with the Gladiators focusing on Peshawar Zami, Islamabad United has a good chance to make an ever-lasting impact in PSL 2020.
Peshawar Zalmi:
What is there to say about Peshawar Zalmi that hasn’t already been said. They are the most famous team in PSL hand down. Their following goes beyond borders making Zalmi an internationally favorite team. The Zalmis are very brutal in their attack and they excel in crushing their enemies. Even though they have been in the finals three times, they have only managed to win once. This easily tells us about a fatal flaw that Zalmi have in their team which is a weak defense. They are the champions of PSL 2017 and the runner up during PSL 2018 and PSL 2019. They are a force to fear in PSL and are the favorites this year to win.
Karachi Kings:
Even though they are called Karachi Kings, the team is not able to stand on top of the chart board even once. Kings are among the bottom dwellers in the PSL series and are considered fodder. But with the addition of a sixth team Multan Sultans, they are able to make it out of the bottom and into the middle. Experts are saying that during PSL live streaming of 2019 Karachi Kings displayed great promise. They are making good progress and can make it big this year. They are lacking a strong binding component in their team and hopefully, they find it this year.
Lahore Qalandars:
The ever-energetic yet never winning Lahore Qalandars are the king of the lowest rank in the charts. They have a massive fan following but always end up losing by a close margin. On paper Lahore Qalandars have a great team combination but that combination always fails to perform. Regardless of this their owner Mr. Fawad Rana is adored by fans for his efforts to support cricket. This year they are aiming to satisfy their fans and critics by performing at the top of their game. But due to their past record, it will be very difficult to beat everyone with wishes alone. Qalandars are going to face a bitter backlash if this season goes bad for them.
Multan Sultans:
The youngest team in PSL has gone through a series of changes in ownership. Multan Sultans is a breath of fresh air and very unpredictable. Even though they share the bottom chart with Lahore Qalandars, but they have a spark that many recognize. Their performance is consistent, and they are able to duke it out with some of the stronger team in PSL. That is why many dub Sultans as the Darkhorse of PSL. Dark Horse means that they are able to surprise you during the PSL live streaming this year. Some even believe that they have a chance at winning with a few lucky moments.
PSL Live Cricket Score
During the PSL live streaming some people will be busy in their offices and other duties. That is why many networks are providing them with quick catchups during the PSL 2020 matches. Therefore, during the office week, fans can log on to different websites and applications to catch a quick glimpse of the scorecards. Many sites are placing live score counters on their home page to give out quick updates during the matches. While others are doing the same with mobile applications through notifications.
Many scorecards are very through with some of the minute details found in the fields. They can tell the viewers about the weather conditions, temperature, pitch style, and stadium records. So, with this information the die-hard fans of cricket can deduce how the match is going to proceed. Some cards even show the odds of winning and losing for each team. Therefore, be sure to check the odds on your team and speculate from there.