Moving to places refreshes your mind and soul. You get to know new things, learn more and experience exceptionally. While thinking of travelling, one thinks of a vehicle very first. And a vehicle varies frequently with needs, fun, safety, speed, comfort, features and more, like we could see Van Rental Auckland, in New Zealand.

If you’re looking for hiring a van in the Auckland City, Northwest Rental’s Large Cargo and Passenger Vans has the best to offer, have a look-

• Reversing Camera: you can easily tackle the accidental threats while reversing the van for parking or looking for a turn. These cameras can really help a ton while you’re moving a cargo van carrying certain heavy and expensive things.

• Manual Transmission: Northwest Rental provides a Passenger Mini Van and a Large Cargo Van, and both comes with a manual gear shifting system which makes them less expensive, better fuel efficient and more efficient to control.

• Front and Rear Air Conditioning: this feature helps to make your drive comfortable and free from Fatigue and exhaustion. One can find this feature in Northwest Rental’s Passenger Van option, while searching for best Van Rental Auckland.

• Bluetooth Connectivity: the passenger van comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you could enjoy your favorite music and entertainment stuff on a long drive.

You can drive with just a car license of yours with an amazing price range that you can see on our price list page. So, come and try Northwest Rental’s Van Rental Auckland services at Kumeu, Auckland.