The handling of import documents complexity requires extra time and effort, Vagmon e-Group & Logistics Ltd provides a complete clearing and forwarding service in any seaport in Nigeria.

Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd establish itself as a comprehensive company that serves clearing and forwarding in Nigeria. Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is a Nigerian company that provides shipping logistics and cargo handling. Their service includes shipping agency, freight forwarding, and logistics services in all seaports in Nigeria. As a leading logistic service in all seaports in Nigeria, the company also specializes in providing marine operations support, tugboats, oil and gas companies handling vessels, supply vessels, and boat crew members.

Nigeria is one of the top companies that imports mineral fuels, including oil, machinery and computers, ships/boats, vehicles, electrical machinery equipment, and many other commodities such as plastics & iron/steel. Before imported goods are distributed to the country, it is necessary to be inspected by a government agency, in this case, is the Nigerian Customs, to ensure they are not prohibited goods.

To get a clearing document from the Customs and several related agencies requires a complicated process. Therefore, it needs an agency that understands the clearing cargo process in accordance with applicable regulations. So, cargo held at the port can go out and be delivered to the consumers.

As one of the leading clearing and forwarding companies in Nigeria, Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd has worked with many clients. The professional team has successfully helped its clients to get their customs clearance, as well as cargo handling and cargo delivery to the client’s address.

The company is also a one-stop solution for freight forwarding across West Africa. They are also offering a variety of freight forwarding for oil & gas or project industries. The services include import and export customs clearance, “to and from West Africa” airfreight solutions , project logistics, air charter services, container rentals, worldwide freight forwarding services, and many more.

The company’s CEO said, “Our service is not limited to clearing and forwarding services. Other things we do are digital marketing, online shop, website design, software design, process modeling, and other legal online businesses.”

About a clearing and forwarding company in Nigeria

Vagmon e-Grup & Logistics Ltd is a Nigerian Clearing and Forwarding company. Their documentation services are offering an integrated solution that makes the clearing process faster than ever. The company guarantees their customers’ satisfaction. Its business opens seven days a week, even on Sunday. To reach them, please call +2349075526276 or visit