JQuery is an open source JavaScript library designed to provide easy client-side scripting for HTML. It works on all major browsers. JQuery’s motto is to write less and do more. It is widely used to perform various tasks on client browsers to save bandwidth and provide a better user experience.

Main features of jQuery:

• JavaScript Simplification: Simplifies DOM manipulation and event handling for rapid web development.

• Event handling: jQuery provides an effective way to capture various events without cluttering the HTML code, such as when the user clicks on a link.
Lightweight: jQuery is a compact and lightweight library about 19KB in size.

• Animation: It comes with lots of built-in animation effects that you can use in your web app to make it more interactive. Best website design company Hyderabad

How to use jQuery:

JQuery is a big blessing for all web developers, from beginners to experienced users. This is a JavaScript library that simplifies programming with JavaScript by providing a simple and very easy-to-use summary syntax. Using jQuery, developers can perform specific actions directly in the browser without reloading the page.

1. Very extensible:

The major jQuery libraries are designed to be tight and focused. This will eliminate all non-essential features. However, there is a plugin framework that developers can use to help extend jQuery. Programmers can use official jQuery plugins and thousands of other third party plugins.

2. Page loading is fast:
Google and other search engines use page load time as an important factor affecting search engine optimization. Therefore, web developers should make sure that their code is as lightweight and as concise as possible. It files are usually stored separately from web pages. This allows developers to make changes across the Web site using a single centralized repository, instead of searching through an innumerable folder structure.

3. Beautiful and clean syntax:

It uses a clean, simple and powerful syntax to make it easy to select DOM elements in your website pages. When developing a website, you need to learn how to separate scripts from page display code. Because of the way jQuery is written, it’s easy to hook elements or add code to a CSS-like web page. Whenever using this web design methodology, the final markup is separate from the script code.

4. It is popular:
It is very popular with programmers and website developers because of its ease of use and simplicity. You can easily get a lot of information and resources about jQuery on the Internet. With this web development methodology, you’ll never run out of resources, and you can find everything you need when using this popular language and answer all your questions. Low cost web design in Hyderabad

5. Encourage simplicity:
Most web site developers generally find jQuery to be slim and easy, as the library is built using shorter and simpler code. Simple syntax and open coding make it easy for web designers to reduce the time needed to deploy a website or application.

6. Average and lightweight:
Most functions have been removed to ensure that the jQuery library remains lightweight and slim, while others have been moved into the plugins section. If you need one of the abbreviated features, you can easily add it to your business website as a plug-in. This lean library keeps coding at a restricted level and saves bandwidth to guarantee faster loading.

7. Compatibility between browsers:
Another important advantage of using jQuery is the fact that it can handle many of the cross-browser bugs and problems that occur during programming with JavaScript. Addressing cross-browser issues in web development can be a very difficult experience. This is because a browser with web design elements is fully functional and may not be fully functional in another browser. The jQuery library handles most of these cross-browser issues.

8. The mobile effect of jQuery is excellent:
JQuery is an unquestionably new computer program that is more adaptable to mobile versions when compared to flash programs. Most mobile operating systems are not compatible with animations created in Flash. However, with jQuery, the created animation is supported seamlessly by all browsers and mobile operating systems.

9. jQuery has tremendous SEO benefits:
One of the main reasons Flash is rejected by both users and search engines is that Flash-based graphics will not load if the browser is not Flash-enabled. On the other hand, jQuery elements are rendered even if JavaScript is disabled. This means that you can still view your animation while you are SEO friendly. Low cost web designing