Real-Time Analytics. The feature allows you to get insights up-to-the-minute and analyze previous data as well, thus making reasonable decisions.

Video Streaming Architecture. It’s a modern trend, and one of the goals of social media apps like TikTok. It’s essential to implement all the necessary details for it — to arrange streaming from an external cloud server, to leave it there while the user watches it, to delete automatically after the broadcast is converted and transmitted to the application. Moreover, the option of saving videos in some external storage of the user’s device should be provided.

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Geolocation. The great feature, which will make it possible for the individuals to find and choose broadcasts by region to watch.

Push Notification. It’s no brainer, they are handy for keeping the users informed of the current happenings (live broadcasts, new videos, events, trends, etc.) without the necessity to be on the app all the time. The flexibility to plan broadcasts and be notified about them makes the application extremely interactive.

What is the overall functionality required?

For crafting an innovative app like TikTok or even better, you will require a cloud storage, content delivery networks, database integration and management, artificial intelligence to filter and personalize data to multiple users, real-time analytics and push notifications, payment methods integration, audio and video transcoding, and a universal operating system.