Are you aspiring to crack JEE Main Exam? Yes? Do you know it requires a lot of dedication and effort? You need to devote days and nights to prepare for the exam. Many toppers have even burnt midnight lamps to crack this toughest exam. What was the secret of their success?

Along with a detailed study plan, discipline and dedication, referring the best material or textbooks will get your score higher than the rest. It is not just reading once, but one needs to revise and learn concepts every day with the same vigor. There is a wide range of materials you can refer, and get a diverse view of various concepts. A problem does not only have one way to solve it, but you also have to find out the simplest, and less time-consuming options.

At Disha Publication we provide you one-stop solution to all your JEE Main requirements. Starting from Free samples to our best books, we provide tests to check the preparation level. Now get started to achieve a better result, and learn the concepts for clarity.

What are the points to keep in mind before buying books for JEE Mains Exam 2020?

Listed below are a few pointers you need to remember before buying a book while preparing for JEE Mains Exam 2020:

Try out the Free samples, and check its originality
Focus on NCERT chapters, be thorough with it
In the checklist, make sure to check the syllabus, and to what extent the book covers it.

Disha Publication offers you the opportunity to try out the free samples of its best JEE main Books. You can check for yourself, the content, and decide before buying it. Start Now!

Which best study material for JEE to refer?

JEE Main syllabus is comparatively very vast. It is not possible to touch all the concepts thoroughly, but when you have referred various resources the preparation gets easier. The internet and print are filled with materials. It is very difficult to find the relevant study material. As per your ability to grasp the subject, here are a few suggestions to include in your reference plan:

Video lectures: What you see is what you remember. At Disha Publication we have a series of Video Lectures to clear your concepts. Check our uploads, and learn the art of problem-solving from Er.D.C Gupta, a renowned author.

Practice sheets: There is nothing so helpful as practice. All the successful people, be it in sports or art, have reached their position because of consistent practice. If you want to crack JEE Main 2020, follow the steps they did. Practice!
Give yourself enough time to practice, and check your level of preparation. It also brings out your weaknesses and your strengths too. Work on your weakness, and make it your strength.

Tips & tricks: There is no one way to do a thing. More especially, when it comes to problem-solving in JEE Main exam in a limited time, you have to find a shorter way to solve with accuracy. Read more on various tips, and tricks to solve various problems fast.

Give more time on Important Questions: Most questions in JEE Main exams are repeated in one form or other. Give your time to identify the important questions and practice solving them as often as possible.

Previous year questions: This is an indispensable part of the preparation. If you are serious about the preparation, you must, by all means, have gone through the last 15 years’ papers. Why? You will be updated with the pattern, and the types of questions being asked. This will save your time on giving time to irrelevant topics.

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