The press release is about Sergio Mannino Studio in New York.
One of the most renowned design firms in New York is Sergio Mannino Studio. This studio serves a variety of clients in both the residential and commercial sectors. In business since 2008, the Brooklyn studio finds itself welcoming customers on Grattan Street in Brooklyn.
The studio was initially focused on New York and has since gained international attention from countries as far as Italy, China, and Canada. Although starting in the retail sector, the studio now offers its services in interior and residential design. Visit the studios website for more information:
With years of experience in the industry, this high-end NYC interior designer stands out among professional designers. Clients can discuss their ideas with the designer so that their vision is quickly realized. The firm focuses on Italian design with a contemporary flair. This is a popular trend these days.
The firm has a long list of popular clients thanks to its interior design services in NYC: James Allen, Medly, MiuMiu, BottegaVeneta, Prada, Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, Glam Seamless, and Lexus.
Although offering luxury design, the firm understands the importance of working within a budget. Clients are often surprised to find out their ideas cost less than they thought.
Call today the Sergio Mannino studio today to learn more about the options you have for your next project.

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Sergio Mannino Studio
117 Grattan Street #204 Brooklyn, NY 11237 USA
Phone: +1 718 855 5018