December 21, 2019: Orpalis is proud to announce the launch of a new version of its popular cloud-based PDF compression utility – PDF Reducer Cloud. Version 3.1.12 of the free PDF compressor provides many improvements such as better support for files over four gigabytes in size, faster compression, a better compression rate, and a battery of minor bug fixes.

Why use an online PDF reducer?

Ever since its introduction in the 90s, the portable document format (PDF) has been the gold standard for exchanging documents in digital form. Most scans of printed documents are stored in this format, and it’s the standard in downloadable content like eBooks and other documents for business and recreational use.

The problem with PDF files is that they’re often very large, especially if they’re scanned in from printed media. In this case, the data inside the PDF will be stored in the form of a raster image, with one high-resolution image for each page, rather than text. Since images take up far more space than text content, PDF files can quickly run into large sizes.

To make your PDF documents more accessible and user-friendly, you’ll often encounter a need to compress PDF online. By using a cloud-based solution like PDF Reducer Cloud from Orpalis, you don’t need to download or install any software. Instead, you can use the online PDF reducer to greatly reduce the size of the document. This will let you share it over slow connections or those with limited bandwidth, such as those on mobile data plans.

The free PDF compressor is also ideal for online file storage, file sharing, and faster web viewing. If you have lots of PDF files to manage, then the benefits quickly become even clearer. With PDF Reducer Cloud, you can select either individual files, multiple files, or even entire folders and compress everything in one go.

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