December 14, 2019: TeraByte is proud to announce the launch of new versions of its boot manager software. BootIt UEFI has been updated to version 1.15 and provides a unique image for UEFI 3.363 and TBOSDT scripting 1.96. The Bare Metal edition has been updated to version 1.63 and includes the same changes for systems running off a traditional computer BIOS.

Much more than just a boot manager

While newer computers typically allow you to dual boot or multi-boot two or more operating systems, the capabilities are often limited, especially with older BIOS-based systems. To switch seamlessly between your operating systems, you’ll need a more sophisticated solution that allows you to boot quickly into any operating system, even if they’re on the same drive.

The BootIt Collection, however, is far more than just a boot manager. It is also a complete set of disk utilities that runs in its own environment independently of whichever operating systems you run on your computer. For older computers running off a conventional BIOS setup, you can use the Bare Metal edition, while newer machines running off UEFI firmware can use the UEFI version.

BootIt includes a powerful partition manager which you can use to separate your hard drive into logical partitions so that each one can operate like a physically independent device with its own operating system. You can also back up and reconfigure your partitions and even recover ones which you’ve accidentally deleted. It’s a powerful set of tool designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts, yet also easy enough to use for beginners.

With the included disk imaging software, you can create complete copies of any hard drive in your computer, which is also extremely useful if you want to move an operating system and all its files and programs over to a new hard drive or computer without having to manually reinstall everything.

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