It is the responsibility of an employer to provide their staff with a happy, healthy, and clean environment. Some workplaces are kept clean by their housekeeping staff with the help of a quick vacuum and emptying trash. However, this kind of cleaning can’t extract the deeper dirt, allergens, dust, and pathogens from the carpets, upholsteries, and office furniture. These germs could make your employees suffer from multiple types of illnesses and their productivity could suffer as well. Because of this, it is essential for you to approach a professional company offering professional commercial cleaning.

J&B Professional Cleaning Service LLC has been providing professional commercial cleaning services in Houston, Texas, and surrounding cities since 1995. J&B is a family-owned, minority-owned cleaning company. Being in business for 2 decades, we are proud to carry the word “professional” in our name.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality service to our customers. We use advanced cleaning equipment and accessories to ensure that the cleaning is done safely in the least possible time. Our professionals are extremely experienced and honest in completing their jobs with the best care.

For these service requirements in Houston and surrounding areas, contact us at J&B Commercial Cleaning Service. We have expert professionals and staff who focus on intensively cleaning workplaces at your place of business. Additionally, the cleaning agents that we use for cleaning in Houston are completely safe and do not produce fumes, which could be harmful to your guests, employees or for yourself.

In addition to office cleaning, you can also contact us for construction site cleaning before, during or after the completion of the construction work. As part of the post-construction cleanup, our experts remove the waste concrete, metal pieces, and other waste from the project site very carefully. We provide our services primarily in Houston and in nearby areas such as Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth. We also specialize in cleaning medical offices and clinics and guarantee intense cleanliness. You can also contact us for the cleaning of your educational center or college. We have also provided our quality cleaning services for religious institutions. For any questions related to our work, you can contact us by calling (281) 405-0333, faxing at (281) 272-8523, or sending an e-mail at

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